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As always I have a bit of anticipation around all of the logistics of flying, airport security, and just a lot of people; my sonder kicks into high gear, but the good folks at Southwest do a great job with the flights!


I was a first time presenter at DrupalCon Nashville so that was a storm of butterflies and excitement, but in the end well worth the effort.

Horizontal DevOps

by @rbayliss and @serundeputy

RT @dsellergren: When Slack goes down at 3:30 on a Monday. https://t.co/OvMeSXVStM
@limako @system76 @NERDSummit @HackForWestMA @WEATHERISHAPPEN @makisdiras @fsf #bldg8; #gnu;
RT @fermatslibrary: FUN FACT IBM created the world's smallest movie "A Boy and His Atom" in 2012. It was created by moving carbon monoxide…
@drupalgovcon #submitted; let's see; hat is in the ring.