{ Lando + Envoy: Automate your Deploy Steps }

Why Envoy

About 4 or 5 years ago a colleague @jacksonhoose introduced me to deploy technology called Envoy. At that time I was not ready to hear, explore, and adopt it. I was steeped in a world of ruby, compass, capistrano, and who knows what, but about 6 months ago Envoy came back on my radar and this time I was ready!

Envoy is a task runner put together by the Laravel team. When I can I like to use hosts like Pantheon and Platform.sh that give me a wealth of tools, containers in production, and a lot less DevOps headaches when something like Heartbleed happens 😱.

{ Automate Backdrop Coding Standards on Your Projects }

Backdrop Coder

Backdrop coder is a packagist package that provides a library that phpcs uses to check your code against the standards defined on Backdrop CMS API site. To download and use the library is very easy and I'll show you how! Adhering to objective coding standards is a great way to keep your application lean and healthy. It is also an easy way to get started with Continuous Integration (CI) if you and your team have been eyeing that but unable to make the leap.

Install the Backdrop Coder Library

To install the backdrop/coder library we will use composer in my case I'm using Lando which installs composer for us on all PHP applications.

lando composer require backdrop/coder

The result of this command is that it downloads the backdrop/coder library and puts it into the vendor directory.

{ All the Drupal; DrupalCon Nashville 2018 }


As always I have a bit of anticipation around all of the logistics of flying, airport security, and just a lot of people; my sonder kicks into high gear, but the good folks at Southwest do a great job with the flights!


I was a first time presenter at DrupalCon Nashville so that was a storm of butterflies and excitement, but in the end well worth the effort.

Horizontal DevOps

by @rbayliss and @serundeputy

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