{ Using drush with Backdrop CMS }

drop redirect logoUsing drush with Backdrop CMS and Drupal

The problem:

  I need to use drush with Drupal 7, Drupal 8 and Backdrop CMS Sites.


The Solution:

  • Install independent copy of drush
  • Make an alias to the new copy of drush
  • Download the backdrop-contrib drush extension

{ Headless Backdrop CMS }

drop redirect logo Headless is a big deal right?


The idea is to decouple the CMS from the front end theme, so for example, you can have all the power of Backdrop tools to add content to your site pages, images, blog posts, etc ... and use whatever front end components your front end …

{ Backdrop CMS 1.2.1 :allthethings: }

Upgraded to Backdrop CMS 1.2.1 today!  Writing this sweet post using Ckeditor!  woohooo ... all the things;

 Backdrop CMS update.php script showing updates of all the things in 1.2.1

Uploaded that sweet image of my update.php script about to run with my new crazy simple image uploader!  Link, email, date now in core! woooooooohooooooooo; Try out some Backdrop CMS today …