{ Past Events }

Drupal Con Nashville 2018

Drupal Con!


Tandem and I will be rocking the Drupal Con!

Session on Horizontal DevOps accepted!


Here is the recording of the session:

NERD Summit 2018

Excited to speak at NERD Summit 2018 on `Horizontal DevOps` ~ Repeatable scalable DevOps for teams!

Here is the session recording:

{ NERD Summit 2017 }

Very excited to be giving a talk at NERD Summit 2017 on Kalabox, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Deployment:


NERD Summit 2017

This will be a lightning round style talk in which we will cover:

  • Kalabox ~ local development solution
    • docker containers
    • GitFlow
    • Spin up a Backdrop CMS example app
  • Continuous Integration
    • Set up Travis CI
    • Run tests locally
    • Run tests on every push / PR
  • Continuous Deployment
    • If tests pass push out code to staging environment

{ NERD Summit 2015 }

Backdrop Logo
I'll be at the NERD Summit presenting on PHP. NERD Summit Session: Introduction to PHP.

Soaking in some great sessions and checking out a killer keynote by Backdrop CMS founders Jen Lampton and Nate Huag.

Come join us from some CMS and Open Source fun!