Troubleshooting some power/battery issues with my @System76 Oryx laptop lead me to write a script to monitor battery levels and log it to a file.

The Problem

One day while I was working suddenly my laptop just powered off. Poof gone. I tried to turn it back on, but it would not respond. I contatced the good folks at System76 and we began the troubleshooting process.


In the course of troubleshooting the battery/power issues one of the agents shot me this one liner:

while true; do upower -d | grep percentage | head -n 1 >> ~/battery.log; sleep 300; sync; done

Which I thought was just great, but being a programmer I just had to muddle with it ;).

The Script

So, while I was using the one-liner, I started to muck around and timestamp the log file battery-DATE.log and add timestamps to the percent entries being written to the log file and added some real time feedback to the terminal while the script is running. Here is the script I wrote:


# Create a log file of times and battery percenage left.
# To run symlink the `` file to `/usr/local/bin/upl`
# `ln -s PATH/TO/ /usr/local/bin/upl`
# Then you can run it by just typing `upl` at the command prompt.

# Get start time
STIME=`date "+%d-%b-%Y-%H-%M"`

printf "\n\tWriting logs to ${HOME}/battery-${STIME}.log\n\n"
while true; do
  UPOWER=`upower -d | grep percentage | head -n 1`
  printf '%s\n' "${DATE} ${UPOWER}"
  printf '%s\n' "${DATE} ${UPOWER}" >> "${HOME}/battery-${STIME}.log"
  sleep 300

And a sample output file:

Mon 25 Jan 2021 09:25:44 AM EST     percentage:          63%
Mon 25 Jan 2021 09:30:44 AM EST     percentage:          55%
Mon 25 Jan 2021 09:35:44 AM EST     percentage:          50%
Mon 25 Jan 2021 09:40:44 AM EST     percentage:          42%


As a programmer and engineer I'm always exploring an pursuing curiosities. You can see the full source code of the script here: serundeputy/upoower. Feel free to download and make use of and/or modify the script for your own purposes.

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