{ Backdrop Drush Extension ~ 1.2.0 Release }

Published: January 19, 2020 Updated: January 19, 2020

Pleased to announce the release of the Backdrop Drush Extension 1.2.0!

I have not posted release blog posts before, so let me introduce the action leading up to 1.0.0 stable and since.

0.x Releases

Leading up to 1.0 we got a bootclass to bootstrap backdrop sites. Many of our favourite commands like cc all, cron, and many others. Take a look at the README.md in the Backdrop Drush project for a more comprehensive list of commands. A great deal of work and collaboration went into getting stable downloads,enabling, and disabling of modules.

drush dl {MOUDLE_NAME(S)}
drush en {MOUDLE_NAME(S)}
drush dis {MOUDLE_NAME(S)}


In 1.0 we got testing infrastructure and Travis CI running coding standards and unit tests against all commits and PRs. This of course gave the confidence for a stable release. Features that landed in 1.0 are pm-uninstall and user-create:

drush backdrop-pm-uninstall {MODULE(S)}
drush backdrop-user-create --name={USER_NAME}


In 1.1 we introduced the ctl command. That lets you list information about content types on a site like what types are on the site, the details of a type, and the details of a field on a type. Here is the output of drush help ctl:

└─ $ ∴ lando.dev drush help ctl
List the content types available on the site.

 drush ctl                                 Lists all the content types on the site.                
 drush ctl page                            Lists the details of the page content type.             
 drush ctl page --field=body               Get the details of the body field on page content type. 
 drush clt page --fields                   List the fields of the page content type.

 type                                      An optional machine name of a content type to get details on that content type.

 --field                                   Show info for the field (overrides --fields). 
 --fields                                  Show the fields of the content type.

Aliases: ctl, content-type-list


With 1.2 came the commands config-get, config-set, state-get, and state-set. Which allow you to do things like see or set the site_name for a site, put the site in or take out of maintenance_mode. Here is the help for drush help config-set

└─ $ ∴ lando.dev drush help config-set
Use of undefined constant DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_BACKDROP_FULL - assumed 'DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_BACKDROP_FULL' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) libraries.drush.inc:14                                                                       [warning]
Set a configuration value.

 drush cset system.core site_name  Sets the value of site_name to "My Site" in system.core.json. 

 file                                      Config file to write config setting to. 
 setting                                   The setting to set a value for.         
 value                                     The value to set.

Aliases: config-set, cset


That was a good chunk of personal time in 2019! Please try out Backdrop CMS and the Backdrop Drush Extension! Follow us, tweet, retweet on twitter: @serundeputy and @backdropcms