{ Backdrop from Local to Live Server }

Published: February 6, 2015 Updated: August 6, 2017
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You install backdrop, you configure it, theme it, make some modules; how to get it to the server?

With the new Configuration Management Initiative (CMI) things are a little different.

My usual steps are to pull in the code base with git:

git pull origin {your_awesome_branch_name}

Push up your files:
rsync -av files/ user@{server_url:/path/to/backdrop/root/files}

Push up your database:
mysql -u {your_db_user} -p {awesome_db_name} < {your_sql_dumpfile.sql} -h {database_server_ip_address}

Then visit my URL. In this case though it did not work.

Enter settings.php in which you will now find variables that you can point to your chosen config settings directories:

$config_directories['active'] = 'files/config_<hash>/active'; $config_directories['staging'] = 'files/config_<hash>/staging';
Point these config variables at your config directory in your files directory and whala website extrodinaire.

You will also want to update your database credentials for the server in settings.php:

$database = 'mysql://{server_db_user}:{db_password}@localhost/serundrop'; $database_prefix = '';

special thanks to support from @jenlampton and @quicksketch for their mentorship on this issue and backdrop in general.