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{ BADCamp 2017 }

BADCamp 2017 Logo    I'm going to BADCamp 2017!

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{ 🐼 A Backdrop CMS Dev Workflow 💜 }

DevOps and Website development can be a daunting and sometimes fragile business. That is where best practices come into play. So when it came time to #redesign serundeputy.io I decided to take advantage of some of the best practices that Backdrop and Web Development at large have to offer.

  • Lando ~ Lando is a free, open source and cross-platform local development environment tool built on Docker container technology. It is the successor project to Kalabox.
  • Backdrop CMS Configuration Management ~ Manage site configuration in code.
  • SASS ~ For quite sometime I've been slumming it with straight css here on serundeputy.io. So this was a welcome improvement.
  • Gulp ~ Solid task management to compile and watch my SASS files!
  • Composer ~ You heard right; composer with Backdrop! Pull in, manage, and use PHP code from the wild with composer!

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{ Writings }

Stuff I wrote that is on the internet:

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Installing Backdrop on the Command Line (cli)

You can use drush to download and install Backdrop from the command line.
drush dlb backdrop --path="my-backdrop"

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