{ NERD Summit 2019 }

I'll be attending NERD Summit 2019 again this year March 9th - 10th 2019.

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{ Rebuilding serundeputy.io w/ Backdrop CMS API and Nuxt as Frontend }

As many developers do I use my personal website as a place for technical explorations to try out different ideas. Over the years this site has been on FreeBSD + WordPress, Debian + Drupal 7, Debian + Drupal 8 beta.13, and Debian + Backdrop CMS. As of late I've been interested in API first stacks with javascript frontends. Most of the players in the realm of CMSs these days offer an API or a way to serve up the content they store in a Headless or Decoupled manner.

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{ Drupal GovCon 2018 }

Come see me at Drupal GovCon 2018 where I'll be presenting Horizontal DevOps ~ Scale your team and tools across projects.

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{ Lando + Envoy: Automate your Deploy Steps }

Why Envoy

About 4 or 5 years ago a colleague @jacksonhoose introduced me to deploy technology called Envoy. At that time I was not ready to hear, explore, and adopt it. I was steeped in a world of ruby, compass, capistrano, and who knows what, but about 6 months ago Envoy came back on my radar and this time I was ready! Envoy is a task runner put together by the Laravel team. When I can I like to use hosts like Pantheon and Platform.sh that give me a wealth of tools, containers in production, and a lot less DevOps headaches when something like Heartbleed happens 😱. That said not all clients can afford the hosting costs of these providers 💸. And then Linode, Digital Ocean, or AWS become good choices starting at as little as $5/mo. So when working on your family member or friends website with affordable hosting we can use envoy to automate our deploy steps and get some of that deploy consistency that we know and love from the big hosting providers. This post will show you how to add envoy as tooling to Lando. The particular app in this example is Backdrop CMS, but any PHP app can take advantage of Envoy, really any app (but non PHP devs prolly not looking for ways to add PHP to the mix 😈). Apps like WordPress, Symfony, Backdrop, Drupal, and of course Laravel are a perfect fit.

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{ Automate Backdrop Coding Standards on Your Projects }

Backdrop Coder

Backdrop coder is a packagist package that provides a library that phpcs uses to check your code against the standards defined on Backdrop CMS API site. To download and use the library is very easy and I'll show you how! Adhering to objective coding standards is a great way to keep your application lean and healthy. It is also an easy way to get started with Continuous Integration (CI) if you and your team have been eyeing that but unable to make the leap.

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