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Lando Logo     I contribute comments, testing, bug reports and PRs to the Lando project.


Backdrop CMS Logo     Backdrop CMS ~ core committer and contributor.


Backdrop Drush Extension Logo     Backdrop Drush Extension co-maintainer and contributor.


Drush Logo     I contribute to the drush-ops/drush issue queue with testing, comments and PRs.


Drupal Logo    I contribute to Drupal issue queues, review, and submit PRs to Drupal core and Drupal contrib projects. 


{ NERD Summit 2017 }

Very excited to be giving a talk at NERD Summit 2017 on Kalabox, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Deployment:


NERD Summit 2017

This will be a lightning round style talk in which we will cover:

  • Kalabox ~ local development solution
    • docker containers
    • GitFlow
    • Spin up a Backdrop CMS example app
  • Continuous Integration
    • Set up Travis CI
    • Run tests locally
    • Run tests on every push / PR
  • Continuous Deployment
    • If tests pass push out code to staging environment

{ Headless Backdrop CMS }

drop redirect logo Headless is a big deal right?


The idea is to decouple the CMS from the front end theme, so for example, you can have all the power of Backdrop tools to add content to your site pages, images, blog posts, etc ... and use whatever front end components your front end devs like: {node, ember, angular, ... } whatever floats their boat.

First I wrote a backdrop module that leverages some of the Backrop CMS API functions to deliver some JSON endpoints for the front end app to consume.  The module has implementations of:

The module creates two end points that deliver JSON Objects.  You can see examples of those end points here: