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Published: April 13, 2018 Updated: April 14, 2018


As always I have a bit of anticipation around all of the logistics of flying, airport security, and just a lot of people; my sonder kicks into high gear, but the good folks at Southwest do a great job with the flights!


I was a first time presenter at DrupalCon Nashville so that was a storm of butterflies and excitement, but in the end well worth the effort.

Horizontal DevOps

by @rbayliss and @serundeputy
The session was well received with great questions at the end. Many thanks to our respective employers, Last Call Media and Tandem for giving us time and support to develop and present this session!

Sessions I attended

I also had the opportunity to attend some great sessions. Always great to hear what my Drupal peers are up to, learn new things, and get affirmations that decisions I'm making in similar problem space are sound. I attended:

Top 8 considerations for choosing a local development environment

by @CommerceJohn
This presenation laid out some solutions for local dev on localhost, VMs, and Docker. This is a topic near and dear to my heart as a member of the Lando Team! It was great to see Lando up there in comparison to some of the other solutions available and great to hear and see that John was using and enjoying the Lando development experience.

What mix of DevOps "things" is right for my needs?

by @aimeeraed
This was a very reaffirming session for me. It was great to see the problem space of DevOps for an agency laid out and see that a lot of the problems that Amy is trying to solve are the same or very similar to the problems I am trying to solve and is eye opening to see a different perspective on these problems. Many of the techniques outlined were very similar to what I'm currently doing, but there was a lot of new angles that gave me fresh perspective on how I can look at my day to day work.

From Homeless Addict to Winning Drupal: How A Community Can Save Lives

by @labboy0276
This was an emotional one where my colleague and friend lays out his path from Addiction to Drupal expert. There were tears, laughs, and a happy ending. Much love to you Johno; thanks for laying out the truth for us and for all you do for Drupal!

I highly recommend taking the time to watch this session.

Code Sprints!

I got to take some time code sprinting. I love my code! Got to work on a Drush issue and get help from the wonderful @greg_1_anderson; what could be better than that? I didn't finish this one but hope to return to it soon.

I also worked on some Lando! Had a bug report come in from the esteemed @geerlingguy Thanks to the thorough reporting that one was a breeze to bang out a PR, QC and merged!

Lando Happy Hour

Wednesday night we met up with some fellow Lando users for a beer at the Headquarters. It was great fun to mash some buttons on Teenage Mutent Ninja Turtles, Galaga, and Area 51! Usurped only by the pleasure of chatting with fellow Lando users comparing notes on how we use the local dev and under what circumstances. I learned a lot and had a great time.

Pantheon / Lullabot Party

Pantheon / Lullabot Party line out the door!
Thursday night we joined quite a few fellow Drupalists for the the Pantheon / Lullabot party at FGL House With a backdrop of a great Nashville band, we chatted up our Drupal strategies, plans, and experiences. Very good to chat with friends old and new about the life and times of a developer.

A big thnks to Pantheon and Lullabot for hosting!

Nashville History

Nashville Bicentenial Capitol Mall State Park Civil War Monument
On Thursday after some more sprinting we had the ocassion to take a walk through Nashville and checkout Polk's grave and the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. It was enlightening and haunting at the same time. Some important points of our rich American history are captured in the park and it made me think about the Civil War and World War II through different lenses than I ever had before.


Communitiy, community, community. Great conversations, collaborations, Drupalists and local culture combined for a great event! Thanks to all the organizers for donating their time, being so pleasant and pulling off a magnificent event.